Our business philosophy is based on the concept of “shaping a Big picture from the little details”. We help our clients to discover new insights and opportunities by asking the right questions. We know that managing and taking advantage of the details and peculiarities within competitive landscapes and regulatory environments is essential in order to deliver lasting business results.

Little details are especially important in Central, Eastern and Southern European region. A region which consists of 18 different countries, languages, competitive and regulatory environments can be a challenging place to achieve your business objectives. We know this region well and we will provide you with all the smallest details so you can have the “Big Picture” and make the best decisions for your business.

Our approach is customized for each client and each situation which helps us to develop the best business strategy for our clients’ needs.

Our team has many years of experience and tried and tested ways of working in the region. We have launched biotech, medical devices, proprietary and generic products into highly specialised, general practice and pharmacy-driven market segments. In addition we have vast experience in gaining market access for our clients’ products through innovative collaboration models with the payers, ensuring sustainable business results.
Most importantly we maintain the highest ethical standards in every step we take. Full transparency is integral part of our relationship with our clients as well as our daily operations.